San Diego Photographer | Meet the Vendor: Buju Tattoo, Mission Hills

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San Diego Photographer | Meet the Vendor: Buju Tattoo, Mission Hills

I’d like to tell you a little bit about Buju Tattoo. As a photographer, I get around San Diego a lot. Whenever I meet someone from out of town, I invariably end up asking them about what they like and making a million fun recommendations, because I love this city. I love the distinct neighborhoods and how different they all feel. I love how hard it is to go anywhere without bumping into someone I know. I love that there seems to be amazing beer around every corner, and I love the small businesses that thrive here. I had such a positive experience with Buju Tattoo, and I feel like it’s only right that I share it with you. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to get any more tattoos. I had one small one on my back from my 19th birthday, and while I had some ideas for some, I didn’t really feel compelled to get more. Then I saw Briana’s work. At that point, my thinking shifted from whether to get a tattoo, to “what art can I commission from this woman to put on my body?” Shop detail at Buju Tattoo One of my favorite things about the shop is that it feels more like a hip, upscale boutique than what your mom might think of when you say “tattoo shop.” Briana et al.  have really infused a lot of joy and interest into the space via plants, art, crystals, and chandeliers, and there’s something fun to look at in every direction. Briana’s space, especially, speaks to me. Some of it is just general positive vibes, but some of it is Briana’s background in design. She worked as a graphic designer before taking up the needle; she was designing tattoos for friends and watching other people execute her designs, and finally decided she had to learn how to tattoo in order to see her work done in line with her vision. Briana's workstation at Buju TattooIf Briana is there when you stop by, you’re sure to meet Buju, the mascot, namesake, and resident goodwill-bringer. She’s also the most photogenic dog in the world. On the day I was in, Brittany, one of Briana’s clients, was in for a touchup on what’s turning out to be a pretty incredible sleeve. All that amazing, colorful art on her arm is Briana’s handiwork! I’m really drawn to her strong use of lines, her soft shading, and her really intuitive and innovative use of color. Briana consulting with a clientKristy was working on the day I was in, as well. It was rad walking back and forth and watching her design evolve.Kristy tattooing a client at Buju Tattoo, San Diego Briana and clientBriana has an incredibly gentle touch, and I think it comes across in these photos. I think I’m starting to kind of fangirl here, so I’m just going to post some more photos and let them speak for themselves. If you’re considering getting some work done, the talent in this shop is incredible. Every time I’ve been in, all of the artists there have been hard at work doing beautiful things. You really couldn’t do better than to look into Buju.Closeups of Briana tattooingDetails of the shop and Briana at work at Buju Tattoo


  1. What a cool session! I love how you captured all the details of the shop. I want to hire whoever put all that cool stuff together in one place- it looks awesome. Perfect feel for a place where artists work. Makes me want a tattoo lol

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