La Jolla Wedding Photographer | Jessica and Clint are Married!

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La Jolla Wedding Photographer | Jessica and Clint are Married!

Martin Johnson House is one of my favorite San Diego venues, with a backyard wedding vibe, an ocean view, paragliders, and an awesome deck for market lighting. It’s basically a photographer’s dream. It’s no surprise to me that Jessica and Clint loved it, too. Their wedding was uniquely them, from the groom’s custom-made Michigan State Spartans-themed suit, to the made-on-the-spot ice cream bar they opted for in place of cake.

Jessica and Clint’s top priority at their wedding was to celebrate not just their relationship, but all of the amazing relationships in their lives. When Jessica’s dad injured his leg shortly before the wedding and was unable to dance with her, we improvised by setting up a father/daughter first look. This was such an incredible opportunity to give them a special, memorable moment to connect, and while it’s something I do with many of my couples, it seemed to hold extra meaning in this case.

I have so many more things I could say about their kindness, the easiness with which they revel in each other’s company, the genuine depth of their friendships, but I’d rather just share some photos to help you get a sense of their incredible day.

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Coordination: Swann Soirees | Venue: Martin Johnson House | Celebrant: Vows from the Heart | Flowers: Adorations | Catering: Festivities Catering | DJ: Glasz Productions | Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream: Sensational Treats | Rentals: San Diego Party Rentals | Party Bus: Hot Limos | Assistant Photographer: John Newsome



  1. Chris- what a perfect job. Your clients must be thrilled to have such beautifully executed imagery from their wedding day! Great job using the light and colors and geometry present!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, BEEEE-AUTI-FUL!!!
    You did such an amazing job and so through on this blog post that I feel like I was there!
    I love the details and the whole storyline!

  3. So many special moments. Great colors and angles. I would’ve loved to have those pictures of my wedding day. I bet the bride and groom are super happy! Awesome work!

  4. These images are wonderful! I love seeing all the emotions captured, I walked away with a smile…beautiful work.

  5. Love the socks! What a beautiful day- you did a marvelous job capturing what looks like a fun, laid-back wedding!

  6. Beautiful first look with her Father, and that evening lighting + toasts is gorgeous! Congrats on delivering such a fun, bright, and well photographed Wedding to, what I’m sure will be, very happy clients.

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