Travel Wedding Photographer || An Alaskan Day-After Wedding Session

Travel Wedding Photographer || An Alaskan Day-After Wedding Session

Well, it’s been a busy year, and it certainly has taken me long enough to post about my Alaskan trip. I’m still processing it, really. I don’t think I’ve even been to such a beautiful place as, well, pretty much everywhere I went in Alaska.

More to come, but I’ll start by sharing these images from the day-after wedding portrait session I shot with Catie Bartlett at Hatcher’s Pass in Alaska. One of the best things about traveling with a friend who knows the area is that you get an insider’s perspective on the prettiest places to go. We visited Hatcher’s Pass before this session, looking for blueberries. We found wild blueberries elsewhere, but this view was an even better find.

The Alaskan summer means nearly round-the-clock daylight. The last of these photos were taken at nearly midnight! Oh, what I wouldn’t give for three-hour-long sunsets here in San Diego! We definitely made the most of it up there!

I’ll lead with a photo of Catie helping me test the light! 🙂

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